Apr 23

Issues with Stock

The past six months have been very busy for Speech and Language UK and we have seen unprecedented demand for our products, which has affected our stock supply for our Talk Boost products. Coupled with our name/brand change, it has meant that it has taken much longer than expected to print our required stock.

Please see the LMS for a more detailed breakdown of the situation with our products. This will be updated regularly.

Early Talk Boost – This is available for pre-order, and we are expecting stock to be in place for end of May. Because of the delay, there is free UK postage on these pre-order packs. A small number of spiral bound manual packs are available so if you need a pack urgently, please contact Jess on the details below.
Early Talk Boost Intervention Pack Advance Order – Speech and Language UK Shop

Talk Boost KS1 – This is also available for preorder at the link below with free postage. And like ETB, we do have a small number of spiral bound manuals that are available if you need a pack urgently, please contact Jess.
Talk Boost KS1 Intervention Pack Advance Order – Speech and Language UK Shop

Due to printing limitations, the spiral bound pack does not have the plastic folder and inserts in the manual. These will be sent on to the customer with the regular, hardcover manuals when they are back in stock. The resources are available digitally for practitioners to download in the interim.


Talk Boost KS2– This is available as a spiral bound pack that has spiral bound versions of the intervention manual and the teacher manual. This will allow settings to run the intervention and as soon as the normal manuals are ready, we will send them onto the customer.

For all enquiries about our Talk Boost packs, please contact
Jess Brown (Jess.brown@speechandlanguage.org.uk)