Jun 3

No Pens Day 2024

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No Pens Day is an exciting fundraiser taking place on Wednesday November 27th, 2024! It’s a chance for children to put their pens down, talk, listen, and take part in lots of pen-free activities, all whilst having fun raising valuable funds for Speech and Language UK. 🤝💬

No Pens Day is a nationwide fundraising event run by us at Speech and Language UK. It’s an amazing opportunity for pupils across the country to take part in activities that put the importance on talking, listening and interacting with classmates and teachers. We launched No Pens Day because we want to spread the word about what it’s like to be one of the 1.9 million children struggling to talk and understand words, and show that pupils across the UK can make a real difference in their own classrooms!

Click the link below for more information about No Pens Day, including FAQs and how to register.