Apr 23

Introduction to the Learning Centre

We are pleased to announce that we have recently launched the Speech and Language UK Learning Centre! All the product resources for our various programmes will now be available on the learning centre.

These include the following:
1. Resources for practitioners
2. Resources for Tutors including PowerPoint presentations for training
3. Course Evaluation and Certificates

Parent Resources

Parent resources for our products will also be available on our Learning Centre. However, if you are looking for more general information about speech and language to share with parents, these will be available on our new website here.

Share the Learning Centre with your Practitioners 
Please share this Learning Centre webpage https://learningcentre.speechandlanguage.org.uk/ with your practitioners and ask them to register and create a free account so that they can access their programmes resources too! Programmes resources will not be available on the Speech and Language UK website so practitioners must create an account on the Learning Centre. All practitioners viewing the main website will be directed to the learning centre.

Please note, that if your subscription has expired, you will not be able to access the tutor resources on the learning centre. Pay for your annual subscription. 

We will also be adding some new courses to the Learning Centre including the free and updated CPD short course. Stay tuned and do reach out if you have any questions.