May 13

Early Talk Updates

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We are excited to advise you of some changes to the Early Talk program. Over the past six months we have been reviewing the program and are undertaking work to ensure that it remains up to date and reflects the needs of today’s delegates. We have initially started on Early Talk Supportive level and a summary of the changes are listed below:

  • The fundamental skills and typical development for talking and understanding words remains in the training.
  • The training is still planned in 4 Units, to be delivered as a 1-day (or equivalent) training, in person or online.
  • Activities have been refreshed and more added to encourage active participation and opportunities to share good practice.
  • Content including case studies, images and videos are being updated.
  • A mini audit at the end of each unit has been included, encouraging self-reflection and action planning.
  • Terminology has been brought in line with Speech and Language UK branding and the latest EYFS Framework.
  • The Toolkit resources have been integrated throughout the training, giving participants the opportunity to reflect on how they can use them within their setting/practice.
  • The Toolkit resources have been updated.
  • Updates for tutors will be made available in the Summer term and all new content will be available on our learning platform
  • New materials are planned to be ready from September 2025.
  • We will then be reviewing the modules Working with Parents and Working with under 3s to ensure that they are delivered in a format that best suits our delegates.

If you have any questions about the Early talk update, please let us know by emailing us at